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  1. HARDSTYLE thread

    If there are any lyrics you want to find the source of, check lololyrics.com Shreek lyrics come from a poem 'Three Women' by Sylvia Plath http://www.lololyrics.com/lyrics/2777.html#axzz1RTEZZGuN http://www.americanpoems.com/poets/sylviaplath/1453
  2. HARDSTYLE thread

    Anyone from Melbourne after tickets for Defqon, my girlfriend is selling. PM me for info.
  3. dubstyle =D

    Its a bandwagon jump. They're conflicting styles in every sense and applying dubstep elements into hardstyle is a mere cut and paste affair. This is really, the next experiment after the 'Undersound' experiment Technoboy made didn't go down that well. There is nothing wrong with genres mixing together, industrial hardcore and drum and bass combined makes 'crossbreed' - which is awesome.
  4. HARDSTYLE thread

    I haven't adapted, that is true - but I don't want to settle for music that doesn't contain the same aggression or power which todays stuff doesn't have. That said I am from Melbourne, where things are different and the crowds have their own specific wants. Nu-style isnt that loved down here, it clears dance floors and isn't accepted at all like it is in Sydney and Brisbane which have more similarities musically with the dutch fans. A perfect example musically is if you look up Acti & Mani - Il Mondo E Mio from 2007, which was one of my most played tracks (I have 3 copies on vinyl haha), and compare it to the 2011 remix that Activator has recently released. The difference in aggression is huge, and its not what I signed up for and not the music that I was passionate about. Its changed too much from its former self. To me it basically comes back to Grandpa Simpson - "I used to be with it, then they changed what it was, now what was it, isn't, and what is it seems weird and scary". Showing my age... at 27.
  5. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    What do you hope to achieve with laptop / USB connectivity? Are you talking about to the CDJs or to the mixer? Some models of Pioneer CDJ can read MP3s stored on a USB. And of course, any DJ mixer can be plugged into the line in of a PC for recording purposes, via a 3.5mm to RCA cable.
  6. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    I have Behringer Truths (2031s), and know another half a dozen DJs who also have either 2031s or 3031s - they do the job. I had a set of Samson Resolv 65As but I blew them up. The Truths are better than them.
  7. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    I've heard the delay on the platters of those cheap Numark digital decks makes it absolutely painful to use - like early incarnations of Denon CDJs. Honestly, do things properly and get yourself a Pioneer starter pack. Something with their excellent and industry standard jog wheels. Crapping on about who is your inspirations are in music means dick all in terms of the gear used. You need a decent easy to use platform to learn. Attempts to do things on the cheap just wind up being more complicated and less enjoyable overall. Another thing - DO NOT SKIMP ON HEADPHONES! Sennheiser HD25s can be had for $250 and its the most important part of the mixing equation. You haven't mentioned monitors either, and using your PC speakers or some you've nicked from your mini hi-fi won't cut it either. You're up for way more than $500 to do this headache free. This is not an industry for stingy people.
  8. HARDSTYLE thread

    I played at the same PHD party as her in December 09, she's nothing but a tarted up face with a pair of headphones that isn't that great up close. Italian barbie doll to the max, a real barbie doll would be more interesting to talk to. She can't mix either, it was full of bad out of time transitions but she would continue jumping up and down like a tard instead of fixing and all her tracks are produced by Technoboy's production team (prior to that it was DJ Activator who was doing all of her productions like Street Spirit and Sedona). I'll be at Defqon, but I am hoping for a bigger representation of hardcore. Green stage needs to be proper techno and hard techno like Defqon NL, not that psytrance hippie shit. I don't know where the Qlimax rumour came from, it isnt true. Not in the short term anyway.
  9. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    DJ Boxhead - Dechnicality V2.0 Hardstyle has fagged out so development of the 1.x stream has been suspended. Now mixing schranz and industrial hardcore. Sei2ure - Pneumatic Transmission The Oustide Agency & Tapage - Choice Mission Andre Frauenstein & Tymon - Ethereal Sandy Warez - Spandega Richie Gee - Electrophobia Sandy Warez - Extreme Sweet Stormtrooper & Waldhaus - Hurricane Sandy Warez - Gamberos Madhouse Brothers - Machete (Richie Gee Remix) Sarin Assault - Undead II (Tymon's Noise of Thunder Remix) Satronia - Life Blood Pain Death (Tymon Remix) Richie Gee - The Asdzrome SPL - Lost Frequency Sei2ure - Visual Contact Sei2ure - Hunting For Bounty Enzyme X - Dissimulation Synapse - The Blood Unexist - The Poem Ophidian - End The Earth (DJ Cut) Synapse - Vows of Doubt Unexist & DJ Mad Dog - D3stroy the system E-Noid - Aggressive Behaviour (Negative A Remix) Wedlock & Comababy - Void Sector (Nosferatu Remix) Synapse - The Raebai Delta 9 & Fiend - Sin http://mixes.djfez.com/mixes/5154/
  10. HARDSTYLE thread

    I always liked tracks like Bad Time, The Anthem & I Love Hardstyle more than that. Who here collects HS vinyl?
  11. HARDSTYLE thread

    You lead a very naive life if you think it is all a conspiracy of the police and the media and that you're all victimless souls left with nowhere to party safely. Were you at Ultraworld Kryal 2007? X-Qlusive Showtek? Trance Energy @ Calder Park? It wasn't just 'a couple' of people who were abusing GHB and getting themselves and the party put on the news. This kind of negative publicity that ravers put themselves into the spotlight for, and then wonder why the club venues get shut down, party organisers cease operations, councils stop hiring public arenas like Kryal to organisers, which erodes the Melbourne scene. Did you know that after Ultraworld 2007 when Ballarat hospital was overloaded with junkie shitheads blowing out on GHB stretching their resources to the absolute limit and the local council banned the use of Kryal castle as a rave venue, do you know what the chat was around the traps? Ravers were going to go to Ballarat and deliberately blow out on GHB in retaliation. Melbourne has a GHB culture that is out of control. It is this that has brought on the press and the pressure for operators to clean up, or shut down, and in most cases one leads to the other. I've watched Johnny retarded raver eat this scene alive with its own ignorance and substance abuse, both as a regular punter and as a DJ. Also, you will find that it is only Victoria's underground hard dance scene that is suffering. Sydney and Brisbane are doing fine - and have little to no GHB culture. Nevertheless, this is not the kind of discussion to have in a thread about music explicitly - because the problems Melbourne have are deeper than Hardstyle.
  12. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    Hardstyle has fagged out lately, gone all soft, mushy and melodic - plus there's nothing for me to learn with the genre and nowhere to play out, so I'm undertaking a new challenge in learning Hard Techno & Industrial Hardcore. I'll post it up when its done.
  13. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    Are you doing these mixes on gear or on a PC? If the latter, man up and use some decks eh I'm waiting for 2 tracks to come in the mail before I can record and unleash my first Industrial Hardcore demo.
  14. HARDSTYLE thread

    That's Hard Trance. Like Silver Machine which is much better its close to the border, but its still Hard Trance. No Walt alias track is Hardstyle.
  15. HARDSTYLE thread

    I agree completely, although I'm more of a 2004-2008 person. The killer screechy italian stuff from Zatox & Acti from 06 to 08 being my favourite. Now it's all dong and tok melody saturated extended break hollow bullshit, current nu-style is hardly a representation of the older hardstyle and has lost all of its aggressive power and punch. It's why I quit the genre and moved to industrial hardcore.