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  1. Camshaft question

    That's bad. I'd replace 4 sure.
  2. 264in 272ex would be a very bad combo with a GT2876R. The problem with the GT2876R is that the turbine is far too small for the compressor. Running a bigger exhaust cam than the intake cam would gain nothing and lose response. 260/260 or 264/264 ftw!
  3. Top mount vs low mount.

    Ur joking right? Read this thread start to finish and the GTX3067R thread, the top two threads right now in the Tech section. Obviously 260 degree cams, valve springs and all the other supporting mods will be needed too if u want 'at least' 300.
  4. GTX3067

    It's a .92 divided housing. It was 18 months ago so pricing may be different now but I got it from theboostlab.com and I think it was around AU$2050-2100 shipped.
  5. GTX3067

    Yep. I haven't had it on the dyno since it had a very safe tune on low boost to finish running it in. I have since switched to E30 fuel, added more boost and way more timing and it pulls WAY harder but unfortunately, I just bought another car and put a big stamp duty and rego charge on my credit card so I can't even spare $100 for a dyno run at the moment Desparately trying to catch up financially and a dyno run for the S15 will be one of the first things I do! It makes 16.5psi at 3400RPM then I have boost increasing from 16.5psi at 4200 to 19psi from 6000 onwards. This keeps torque more flat across the board and 'caps' the hit of torque that it would get at 4000 if I just ran 19psi flat as that would more than likely kill my gearbox in no time. It maxes out 740cc injectors on E30 fuel so I suspect 290-295rwkw. Keep in mind mine is 90mm bore - 2.16L so the boost threshold will be a little higher on a 2L.
  6. GTX3067

    Everybody's idea of what responsive is differs a lot between people. I think you have the right idea looking at the GTX3067R and it will be noticeably more responsive than a GTX3076R. If I was looking for a Garrett to make 300kw on an SR20, it'd be the GTX3067R. If you don't already have a T3 manifold, definitely consider the new genuine Garrett .82 divided (twin scroll) turbine housing. Also make sure you have a good look at the BorgWarner EFR 7163 0.80 twin scroll before pulling the trigger on the Garrett. That'd be my pick.
  7. GTX3067

    That dyno screen says 3076. I think the OP isafter 3067 info.
  8. Top mount vs low mount.

    The 7163 twin scroll option is still a few weeks away. Best bet would be to contact somebody like Full Race and get an ETA from them. Mine's a custom manifold.
  9. Top mount vs low mount.

    The photo was before I made the bracket. It clears the radiator hose byaround 3mm.
  10. Top mount vs low mount.

    Low mount and one of these http://www.taarks.co...srelo-s15sr.htm if you don't intend on running air con. High mount if you want air con. You can get shorter runners with less bends with a low mount. Here's a pic of my low mount before the intake pipe went on. It's twin scroll and all runners are short and equal length. I got a BorgWarner EFR 7064 .92 before the 7163 0.80 was available. The 7163 0.80 twin scroll would hands down be the way to go for 300rwkw and capable of a bit more if you want to push it harder down the track. My opinion is that you'd be crazy to fork out on new everything and not go twin scroll, whichever turbo brand you prefer.
  11. Show us ya twinscroll!

    The 7064 .92 won't have near as good response as the. 7163 .80. The .80 is not available for the 7064. Also the 7163 has the new mixed flow turbine.
  12. Show us ya twinscroll!

    Plz keep me posted. What are you looking to get from this turbo? Power ect? I'll run whatever boost gets it to 90% injector duty cycle at 11.8:1 on E30 fuel with 740's. Probably around 290rwkw on 19psi with full boost at 3500-3600.
  13. Show us ya twinscroll!

    I'm finally going to dyno my EFR 7064 .92 setup in the next couple of weeks as I'm selling the S15 due to too many cars in driveway/to rego and insure. Bought a BMW 335i all-rounder daily.
  14. A BorgWarner EFR 7163 with 0.80 divided housing and a manifold to suit would be worth ANY AND ALL extra effort to swap over.