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  1. 4x4 Pics and vids

    went to love day today in the mickey t patrol and my brother bought his ranger, only took couple of pics so here they are i might have a few more im not sure ***edited found some more shittier photos***
  2. whining

    Haha why did you have to warn him haha only joking
  3. whining

    Im also up north if you want me to have a quick.look at your tyres
  4. DIY Inside vehicle air compressor

    its a good idea with the fans, the compressor gets quite hot in opperation so it would help with the cooling a tad, you mean like cpu fan or something?
  5. whining

    yeah on the edges, the way the tyre will rotate it is rough, it happens with alot of tyres as others have said a better quieter brand tyre youll be sweet what area you live in man? up north,south,east west?
  6. whining

    Hey man had a look at the pic, see how the edges of the tread are straight, those sections some times feather upwards causing the surface to be uneven which the creates tyre noise, run you hand over that section of tread and see if it is rough one way and smmoth the other.
  7. DIY Inside vehicle air compressor

    yeah thats what i want to get around to will be alot better, where do you think youll mount your tank?>
  8. DIY Inside vehicle air compressor

    that sounds awesome, its better to run the fittings inside the car so they dont get clogged with dust,dirt or sand! hows your draw set up in the back? did you make them? one questions though. are you going to run a tank? if not youll need to get a tyre pressure gauge that continually lets air out, because on most of those compressors there is no pressure bypass, so pressure could build up and damage the piston ring. just something to think about if you havnt already.
  9. 4x4 Pics and vids

    haha near the end a couple of patties got a bit gritty the more we drank, but we were more worried about the chickens, they turned out awesome! yeah the sunday we started to find the better stuff, i think we will have to head out with you guys to find the good stuff next time so we arent looking around so much!
  10. Hey guys, thought i would post up my half finished air compressor set up behind my back seat. the whole thing isnt finshed yet, i still want to run a 18lt tank underneath the back tray or behind the bull bar and have air fittings either side of the car. i have some pictures to give you some ideas of how you might want to do it; here are some pictures; Here is the compressor behind the seat nice and neat. I found an old bit of timber at home sprayed it black, cut up some coolant hose and used it under the compressor when i screwed it to the wood for a bit of absorbsion. I pinched a Clipsal junction box from my bros van to mount the switch, hide the wiring and hide the relay and of course sprayed black. I then glued rubber underneath the timber also to absorb the viabrations. Last but not least i made a bracket from my seat belt buckle mount to hold the assembly in position. I have drawn up a wriring diagram (pretty shitty one) just so it gives a rough guide of hoe to wire it, it requires a relay because these compressors normally draw 30amps or more, to find a 30 amp switch is pretty hard so running a 30amp relay with a switch is the go. I have also wired in a fuse in the amp to relay wire for a little protection. hopefully this is a bit of info for you guys but if you want to see it in person, or have any questions just send a PM cheers brett
  11. 4x4 Pics and vids

    give me a yell when you go next wouldnt mind going with you guys considering you know where the fun stuff is, we had no idea where the fun stuff was so we were driving tracks for most of saturday then sunday found some good stuff, only one hill the navara just missed getting over had the best tea as well, chickens on the spit for about 4 hours
  12. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Went to robe/beachport on the weekend, got a couple of pics but camera battery went flat forgot to charge it which pissed me off, but just means i have to go again soon the navara did fairly well considering standard suspension, it handled bottoming out well haha anyway here are a couple of pics;
  13. whining

    Lol what. Sandy vagina again? Learn to take a joke you douche. i can take a joke, but not when all im trying to do is help the guy out, unlike you i dont have to "try" and make jokes and give people shit to hope that people will like me because of it. i admit got me on a bad day, but really man give it a break not everything has to be funny. anyway back on topic how did you go with the tyres man? were they feathered?
  14. whining

    Hey steve p how about you f**k off stay on topic dont just repeat what people are saying to sound smart and keep your non funny smart ass shit to your self All im trying to do is help the guy out so get f**ked!
  15. whining

    ok ill tell you what, here is a quick check to tell you weather it is tyres or suspension! run your hand along the edges of the tread on your tyres, run your hand forward, then run it backwards. if they are feathered on the edges (feels uneven not smooth) then your tyres are creating the noise (and you will feel some vibration from the tyres in the car when slowing) if the edges of the tyre are even and smoothish then you need to look at your suspension. take a picture of the tread on your tyres and post it in here to show us how aggressive your tread is, more aggressive more noise