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  1. Hi Guys, Cleaning out my shed and i have found a lot of stuff. 180sx Bonnet - Champaign -$50 S15 Boot - Black with Gold flakes $50 S15 Undamaged Rad Support $150 *PAIR* TE37 18x8.5 +22 With near new kumho Escta SPT 235/40/18 one has a little gutter love. $900 Pair of 18x8 Superlight +30 rims, $250 Set of 4x Lenso D1 19" With Tyres $800 350z Front Brakes - $200 (Calipers and Rotor) - Non-Brembo S15 Heleical MANUAL LSD in Housing $250 S15 Rear Sub-frame $200 S15 MANUAL ADM Ecu + Loom $200 + a Whole lot more as i go thought my shed. Stock 350Z Radiator $50
  2. What is this windows you speak of?
  3. I had an agreement of 40% of my left over money. It was such an incentive to buy stuff.
  4. 2008 370z?

    Wow... Im actually in the different boat. I want to get back into my 180... Main reason, i love how much more throwable they are (in other worlds if you dent it its cheap fix) fk everything about the 180 is cheap. But i do love driving the NA convertable one around (just wish it was a 6sp like my old one) But fukem both, 600kg kit car + sr20det, should be real nice, just gotta finish (... start) building it.
  5. Hey all I am building up a kit car with a sr20 and i am looking for an cheapish all in 1 dash display unit. I came across this greddy informeter thing and it looks pretty much perfect. But iirc the s15 is only consult not ODB so i was wondering what features if any are missing Cheers
  6. Rim Tuck Calculator

    So hows is this going?
  7. Looking for info on a car

    I thanks mate Yeah i know its a write off as i have purchased it as i need a donor s15 motor + gb for a project. Its paint job was real nice and the colour was fkn awesome. Such a pity. But it looks like it has some other mods and i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the motor / gearbox / clutch etc Looks like it was serviced at a Rajab racing? but i didnt get much out of them. Anyway thanks for the help.
  8. Hey just looking for some info on a Black / with gold flakes S15 running on 19" Lenso Muso Plates plates XTA 222 Just wondering if anyone know any thing about it. Cheers
  9. KA24-DE in a 180SX

    Whats so crap about them They make more power and more torque when you wack a turbo on them. they just dont rev as hard iirc probably sound better then a sr...
  10. GT5 - Tsukuba Time Attack

    58.731 in 07 swift sports All mods everything off abs 1 313 hp 929 kg
  11. Hybrid MR2 announced

    This guy speaks the truth. It will be heap better.
  12. First of all Shouldnt you let us know what the plans are for the car? Hipo Street car Dyno Queen Drift Car etc? Power goals, Turbo supporting mods etc
  13. I picked up my signature edition after work today. Really loving the game well worth it Sliding the 180 / 240 is actually a lot of fun, easyish to do and just feels so much better then any other games on the ps3 imho.
  14. Undecided

    Go the onevia it looks heaps nice