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  1. Learning to drift in Adelaide really cheap

    I think that this is what I might do, I know that a 180sx would be a solid start, and if I get a series 2, it would have a pre installed LSD and be pumping out just over 200hp. that should be enough to be able to use a little clutch kick and with factory sway bars maybe some feint drifting, as long as the rear axle holds up. I have seen some for sale around the place going for around $3k. even if I found one with poor body work or maybe a little beat up, it doesn't have to be a piece of beauty, it is only something to learn in, but it will save the cost of buying a LSD Thankyou for the advice, I was thinking about buying my own car in a while, but I just wanted to get out there and learn, and worry about getting something later but it appears to be cheaper in the long run to buy my own car.
  2. I am a starting drifter, I have a passion, but unfortunately no experience or car, where and when can I go for a really cheap price to learn to drift? I greatly appreciate any help as I have no idea where to start, even after reading multiple posts that were posted a few years ago, but any meets or schools that were going to be held are well and truly past. Thankyou!