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  1. S14 kouki...work in progress

    canon 6D
  2. S14 kouki...work in progress

    first video
  3. S14 kouki...work in progress

    some new pics still need to be made ​​all the adjustments and fix pipes, ducts and cables
  4. S14 kouki...work in progress

    other pics that's me...the kid with his new toy work in progress XD
  5. Ruben Di Liberto photography

    pics with my new canon 6D and 24mm f1.4 L
  6. S14 kouki...work in progress

    Some news
  7. S14 kouki...work in progress

    new stuff circuit sport fuel rail kit aeromotive stealth 340 fuel pump aeromotive fuel pressure regulator aeromotive fuel filter aeromotive rducer fitting clam nissan main seals kit tomei test shims and guides kit nissan Hydraulic Lifter kit nissan timing chain and tensioner
  8. S14 kouki...work in progress

    and the awesome front big brakes kit
  9. S14 kouki...work in progress

    rear brakes kit and exhauste valve
  10. S14 kouki...work in progress

    some news: fitting of spl adjustable arms
  11. S14 kouki...work in progress

    Video of gauges
  12. Ruben Di Liberto photography

  13. Ruben Di Liberto photography

    other pics
  14. Ruben Di Liberto photography

    Thanks Canon 550D with Sigma 10-20 ISO 3200 10mm F4 90" 1800mt on sea level...no moon
  15. Ruben Di Liberto photography

    Hi guys I love photography...I shoot for passion from some years I have a Canon 550D with canon 18-55, Canon 85mm f1.8, canon 50mm f1.8 and sigma 10-20mm 4-5,6 I bought a new canon 6D, canon 24-70 f2.8 L, canon 135 f2 L and canon 24 f1.4 L but I have not shoot yet with this stuff here some pics Maulazzo lake on Nebrodi mountains (Sicily - Italy) same place, at the blue hour Landscape of Vipiteno/Sterzing (South Tyrol - Italy) Royal Palace of Caserta and a test capture of Milky Way