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  1. SR20det conversion Ford Courier.

    yeh that's what im thinking unless theres other engine options? would really like to keep it 4x4, im thinking get an adapter plate made then space out the flywheel with a spacer that would accept a spigot too? but also need to consider the starter motor, and what if the sump doesn't clear the subframe? more modification! so much to consider!
  2. SR20det conversion Ford Courier.

    Spotman, this one needs a new a/c compressor, timing belt and service, glow plugs and possibly injectors so the way I see it is I could put all that money into a conversion instead otherwise I wuld probably buy an evo or stagea and keep this as a bushhack for the bikes. problem is I have a silvia as a thrasher and an sv6 as the family car, but still want a nice jap daily.
  3. SR20det conversion Ford Courier.

    yeh sorry should've said want to keep it 4wd so preferably keep the gearbox and transfer in the same place to avoid modifying the driveshafts, but will need an adapter plate or different bellhousing.
  4. SR20det conversion Ford Courier.

    I have been thinking of engine conversions for my 2001 Ford Courier. It currently has 300 000kms on the turbo diesel engine in it. The reason I want to change to something different is because I want a Jap turbo car as a daily/cruising car, but also need a ute to get the bikes out bush, clearance for getting through the bush tracks out here, and 4 doors for my family. So ive decided to possibly keep my Dual Cab courier 4x4 and change the engine to something like an sr20det or similar 4cyl jap petrol turbo engine. Has anyone done a conversion, can shed some light on it or have a better suggestion? Thanks!
  5. AIT sensor

    yeh this is in an s13, will put it in the chamber. thanks for the info may even have a chat to my tuner and see what he reckons.
  6. AIT sensor

    just wondering if anyone has put an ait sensor into their intake manifold and how it goes, as compared to placing it before the throttle body as normal. its a standard ally manifold with fairly long runners on an rb25det, so surely heatsoak wouldn't be so much of an issue?
  7. HR31 rear wishbone

    Hi, a mate has a HR31 import, but someone else curbed It for him, and bent a rear wishbone. I have searched on the net and cant find any new or used ones for sale, but was wondering if another model would fit? such as z31 as apparently s13 wont ft? any help is greatly appreciated.