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  1. just some pics

    thanks, well the R1 is for sale if you want lol.
  2. just some pics

    cheers guys. the one with the brake light is just a long shutter speed and a truck driving by
  3. just some pics

    Hey ppl, just some pics of mine. i am just starting out and having some fun.
  4. turbo hilux project

    not totally sure if braking a rod and putting it through the block is the fault of the tuner. i would say running to much boost. but if th etuner set it at that well i guess it is his fault
  5. i love RP01's really hard to find a set in a good offset. put up pics asap mate, i wanna see it here you go meat axe very nice mate. what specs are they? i think you may need a bit of guard rolling.lol
  6. hey all. i am putting a ca18 in to an r31. just after a wiring diagram for the starter motor and altenator. and yes i have searched. cheers for any help
  7. i love RP01's really hard to find a set in a good offset. put up pics asap mate, i wanna see it
  8. Drift Oil Filters

    why would you need the magnetic strip. isnt that what the filtering media is for? do you hvae any tests from drift to proove it and do you keep ou new car warrenty with them? if not why?
  9. Drift Oil Filters

    Hi chris, How are they saying the fiter is better. just remember that OE filters are designed for our conditions and our service intervals where ones like K&N are designed for the US market that still have 5000 to 7000 mile service intervals. so if your customers are like most and like stretching their servies out to 15k the filters will start to be bloked and by pass. Ryco filters are designed to be exactly like OE filters. so if your customers are going to go to 15 for services either the OE or Ryco are the premium choice. at the end of the day i would suggest if you want to offer a premium filter i would suggest asking the supplier to provide some test data. there is also things like warrenties you might want to consider. if you are having trouble even finding supply of the filter what will it be like if one lets go or has a leak and damages an engine or drops oil all through the engine bay and you have to spend time and money cleaning it. not sure what the drift filters warrenties are like but its worth looking in to. just my to cents
  10. Drift Oil Filters

    just a quick question, what info are you basing your choice on and what are you comparing them to
  11. Wheels

    You know you want to go bronze, its the only choice
  12. we all have some crazy stories. one of my funnier ones was when i had an s14 up for sale and a bloke said he had 8k in cash in a bag and he would meet me at maccas in 30 min. i just hung up. i always hate when ppl ask for you lowest price. i always say make an offer and they get suprised when i tell them to stop been stupid when they offer me 2k under asking price. the only ppl worse then low ballers are test piolts. f**king wanna stab then arse holes
  13. Time to move on. Xr6 Turbo or WRX

    he biggest downside to the ford is that it is an aussi bult car. i have a bf for work and the thing feels like it is falling appart aft 120k. they have problems with diff flogging out (nice konck in the rear end) they do like to warm front rotors and the breaks in them are really average, especially for the power the xr6 turbo have. i would keep it jap if you wanna keep it for any length of time. what about a chayser or an aristo?
  14. Feint motion AE86 build

    looks wicked mate. what gear box are you using? keep us all updated
  15. My K4 6ixxer

    Very Nice bike mate. what are your plans for it