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  1. PSN, can't sign in?

    yes , FFS , f**k man i need my hit of MW2 online Fukn , this shit is like crack o m g
  2. Gran Turismo 5

    will hav to try some of the season events supercar fest - superspeedway-daytona, need 45ish a lap ave x 3 = $21,200 for 1st ( 1min 40ish a race ) feel free to add more , as im only on lvl 16
  3. Gran Turismo 5

    is there an make fast money thread yet ?? if not, wat race is the quickest and decent paying ?? Bender754 add me yo
  4. who bodyboard/surfs?

    Samyy for sure brutha , am heading down for a dawny tomoro , you hitten it up , f**k its going to be sik , winter swell is wher its at ey what board did you get?? , got another one now after the goldie trip, this one fukn rips 5'10 webber
  5. who bodyboard/surfs?

    have to agree with 32 4door , boards and gear are soo much cheaper over there and soo much too chose from , the breaks are awesome in queensland and the warm water , was only spewing cos left hand breaks are hard to come by and i ride goofy, theres a couple decent spots down south when there working, nothing like the breaks up at goldy though, if yuo want decent waves head down to yorkes or further west if you wanna get shacked
  6. My nigzz of the SARTSO KILLER 1098

    wish i could do tank spreaders and high chairs , they look siik , wasnt game enough though lol
  7. Random riding pics/vids (You NOT YouTube)

    judging by the height of his stand ups , id say he could go a while heres a couple couple days before i sold my gixxer old k1 and best would be 1.5 km , balancing in an out of BP couldnt quite get it there yet
  8. Travelling to Bali

    learn to surf by then ,best surf in asia ever... saving for my trip next year. yeeeeeeew
  9. Snow Season 2010

    id like to , but not this season unfortunately , gto a house to fix up and get ready to rent out .. hothams good , howl ong are you staying up for and where are you staying
  10. hehe yer thats the shit , cheers delete post mod if ya like
  11. as per title , think it was posted here in the Sa section or youtube clips was fom Jap , had motor out and goin nuts with the lighting quick shifts and engne sound affects can anyone post it up???
  12. mw2 stimpack

    nver mind , know wat your talking bout now