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  1. F2T turbo/maifold choices?

    Hey Mate, I have recently been doing a fair bit of research on this myself. it seems the easiest way to upgrade the turbo is to buy a full kit like: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271017120531 This guy also has manifolds that fit the FWD variants. ECU For a budget build the best option would be to get your ecu chipped for the setup your running, but, i have had trouble finding someone who can do this in Australia. Another option is to use a megasquirt ECU. These are DIY kits and can be programmed on a standard computer. Some electrical knowledge is required. Also with the megasquirt kit you can use a air temp sensor instead of the factory AFM to eliminate the boost cut. If your running less than 14psi the standard ecu will handle this. Dont give up on it, hese things are wicked when you do beef them up just a little even, my wagon scares most commodores and imports around. Peace. Tom.