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  1. No idea, but we're giving it a crack. We need to get it out to as many people as possible, so feel free to share it around.
  2. I take it you already knew that the regs for registering parties in the SA state elections had changed to cut-off date 6 months before the election? No? Well now you understand why. As mentioned, everyone was up to their eyeballs getting ready for the federal election, then swamped when Ricky Muir actually won a seat. If we hadn't done some searching this week, we would have missed it all together, and missed a golden opportunity to actually make some decent changes in SA, where we desperately need them.
  3. Hi guys, the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party needs our help so that they can register for the SA state elections in March next year. Most of the really good decision making happens at a state level - with the AMEP now having a Senator at a federal level, it's a great chance to consolidate things with a win in the Legislative Council in SA. The AMEP needs 200 signed members by the close of business THIS FRIDAY (5pm). For those of you signing up for the first time, membership is an annual fee of $20 and we will also require that you are already enrolled to vote and have a valid residential address. If you are already a paid member, you do not have to pay your membership fee again, but you will still need to fill the form out. We will be manning stands across Adelaide 5-9pm TONIGHT (addresses below), tell your mates and together we can make a difference at State level. Locations (with google maps links): Autobarn Noarlunga: http://goo.gl/maps/sUq2L Autobarn Mile End: http://goo.gl/maps/IM6Xs Autobarn Gilles Plains (Holden Hill): http://goo.gl/maps/P15rt Supercheap Elizabeth: http://goo.gl/maps/VgAuW Thanks for your help guys, we really need this to work if we're going to see lasting changes to laws and regs in SA. https://www.facebook...rtyofSA?fref=ts The form is attached, if you want to fill it out at home and drop it off, but we need it TODAY AMEP Membership Form - SA FINAL.pdf
  4. I'll second Josh on this. I'm getting involved at an admin level to help kick start things in SA. AMEP already has a candidate (two actually) lined up to run in the SA elections coming up early in 2014, but prior to that they/we will need some help getting the word out to support AMEP in the Federal elections. $20 a year is sweet FA in the scheme of things, guys, and it's about time we had a party representing our best interests. Let's face it, choosing between Labor and Liberal these days is like choosing between arsenic and cyanide. At least send your vote somewhere it will count. But right now they need cash (and a good chunk of it) to finance their PR campaign, and membership is a great way to do your bit. In other news, the AMEP want to distribute flyers at the Intercontinental Targa night stage at Wayville coming up soon, so if you can hold a good conversation and think you could do a good job of representing the public face of the AMEP, PM me if you're able to help out.
  5. New to SEVS: Crown sedan and wagon

    Working on 180s now, but it's a slooow process...
  6. Adelaide Compliance workshops

    If it was complied - just an ID check. If it came in under the old 15 year rule, Tier 2. Ring Complete Auto Dismantlers at Windsor Gardens, ask for Erwin. They're also a compliance workshop.
  7. What Australian drifting needs

    Couldn't find the equivalent thread on here from the same era, but check the date http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/71871-attn-all-drift-competitors-and-event-organisers/
  8. Quick bit of help please :)

    ^^That's pretty much correct. If it doesn't have a compliance plate, it has either come in under pre-89, or as a race/rally import. OP you've got a PM.
  9. There's a good reason you're hearing this from me first - we were the ones who got the S17 series on SEVS in the first place, and have been working hard on it with the workshops for the 18 months from then till now. Two workshops, one in Melbourne, one in Sydney, now have compliance plates for: JZS171 - Crown Estate sedan and wagon (1JZ-GTE) UZS171 - Crown Majesta sedan (1UZ) UZS173 - Crown Majesta (1UZ and AWD) Landed and complied, you'll be looking at prices from $13-20K depending on kms and condition, the wagons are the most expensive. No doubt our rivals will email you about it once they read it on the Iron Chef Facebook page
  10. s15 or evo 7/8

    Evo over S15, and forget E85 for a daily driver...it will re-define fuel consumption for you. Evos will easily and reliably make 200kW at all four with nothing more than an exhaust and 1.5bar of boost.
  11. SA swap meet

    Working on an event for spring Stay tuned!
  12. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    For those of you who haven't yet joined... http://www.facebook.com/SVWC2013
  13. JZX110W Mark 2 Blit

    Correct, I think the workshop has done them via JZX110 without actually listing them as a variant...interesting... Either way, yes they are able to be done now
  14. SA swap meet

    AJD crew are already in the throes of organising something, would probably be later on in the year though, unless you guys are desperate. I've got Shitbox Rally coming up, so I'm a bit busy with it until early May.
  15. Selling a car Obligations

    What a coincidence, this guy is Indian too. I'm just taking the car back > even though I asked everyones advice on this. What he doesn't realise is I can fix the box for just around $300 (Oh wow, he said 1k) and I have another buyer who is willing to pay more for it. I know I don't have to take it back, but I don't lose anything, in fact, I guess I'm gaining actually. He doesn't even know how to do an oil change, is it just my complex brain, or is that one of the most simplest things that you can do to a car? Lmao. That explains the lack of adequate checks, retarded buyers remorse, fabricated quotes, incessant calls and general stupidity. Personally, I think your proposal is a terrible idea, for the following reasons: 1. You have not officially transferred ownership, so you effectively own x days of his driving. Screw that. 2. You do not know what other damage he has caused to the car. 3. You could be in for a shock and repair costs blossom in an unforseen way, cutting into your profit margin on resale. $300 + 3 hours of your time + extras may not gain you much over the original $600-reduced sale. 4. The buyer has been a c**t, and it sounds like your primary motivation to take it back is because he is being a c**t. That doesn't fly with me as a seller, and I'd sooner call the Police than give into him, but obviously it's your call to make and he knows where you live. 5. You don't know if he's had a spare key cut, and in the near future the car or objects in it, magically disappear. If you decide to take the car back, you should do so only after a VERY thorough inspection of the car, and at a reduced refund. Treat it like you were looking to buy the car, since that's what you're effectively doing. I would also be dropping the refund price by at least $300, and requiring a photocopy of his license, should you receive any fines, toll notices or get paid a visit by the Police. I would make both of these terms non-negotiable, and if he doesn't like it, he can walk. I would also write him a refund receipt with a date and time, requiring both your signature and his, with him being forced to sign first, and you both get a copy. All of which would be done prior to any money changing hands, and to ensure a smooth transaction, have a couple of big and angry-looking mates at your place when he arrives to complete the exchange; nothing like a bit of intimidation to cool one's heels. THIS. Worst idea ever.