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  1. Cant decide to keep stock or modify

    200s look good not all done up to much.. with a nice kit and few engine mods and they run like a dream good to catch up cars some point...
  2. hobart import roup

    Yeah not looking to good not my ppl replying me and my mate who has a Mr2 trying to get crusin and have all the import cars meet up so i will try boost crusin too.. would not mind having a kouki front end lol tomorrow having bodykit ok so if u still intrested and i find more ppl to have a cruise night and let u know mate
  3. hobart import roup

    Cheers mate yeah will check it out too
  4. hobart import roup

    hey who in tas that know of a hobart import group for crusin and stuff cheers
  5. Who's Who of NS-Tasmania?

    name blake live hobart car 200 sx s14 waiting to put bodykit on this week and few mods new engine out of s15 bout to be tuned intrested in crusing