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  1. HSD HR Coilvers lowering on their own!

    the collars are dropping down and then hitting the rim...but they are being locked up tight as can be with heaps of clearance but eventually they drop down. Will check the collars again tonight...rear ones are fine just the fronts. should invest in some better ones maybe. Any recommendations?
  2. Hi Guys, Put on a set of HSD HR Coilovers and noticed that the fronts are dropping on their own. The collars are tight and i've rasied up the fronts a couple of times now but they keep dropping. Anyone had these issues before? Starting to lose it cos the collars have scratched the inside of my rim when they drop way to low. Looked this morning and it is getting low again to the point of me having to raise it....again. so in a couple of months they would drop about 1 to even 2 inches!
  3. Interested in a set of gold 18x8.75 +20 5x100/114.3 multistud How well do they fit on s14a? Does the 9.75 require guards to be rolled and pumped out?
  4. Troubles logging in? - PLEASE READ FIRST POST

    sr20det_eagle jungle200sx@hotmail.com Can't login at all Cheers!
  5. Airconditioner Clutch Grinding..

    Can anyone shed any more light on this issue? I've started getting a grinding noise after i turned off my air con and sounds like it might be the above issue. Not sure why there would be no noise when the air con is turned on...
  6. Bike recomendations

    Thanks for the feedback. I've always liked the R6 and the GSXR Gotta start looking around for a decent one. I think i'll just stick to the dealerships and get a "discount" on gear etc. Just had a mate speak to me and said not to worry about a road bike and just get a dirt bike instead, wr450f. In the end i think the cash flow will decide for me...
  7. Bike recomendations

    I am responsible on the bike so not the type to show off infront of mates at all. Really keen to jump onto a 600, just gotta find a decent one I guess. Preferences between R6, GSXR600 or CBR600? What are some other suggestions?
  8. Bike recomendations

    Hey guys, Seems to be a few riders around so i was wanting to get your opinions on what I should do... So i've already got my full bike license but never got around to getting a bike. Haven't ridden anything for about 10 months Basically I was using a mates bike until he sold it... So my question is do i just go out and get a mid range bike say 600cc or get more of an entry level bike again to get the skills back up to par? Bikes that I was looking at were R6 or GSXR600. wouldn't go any higher than that. Or get a Hyo or Ninja 250 for a 6 months or so then upgrade? Thoughts?
  9. Smoke at idle and when taking off

    new turbo installed. Appreciate the feedback. wasn't looking forward to driving in peak hour again but today there was no sign of any smoke at all! wtf?? Maybe i've got no more oil left to burn...
  10. Smoke at idle and when taking off

    would i be right in saying that oil is leaking from stuffed turbo seals and cos its hot it'll start to smoke pretty badly? And then when i gas it, the oil will burn off thats leaked in while sitting idle for a while and not start smoking again until the car is idle again?
  11. Smoke at idle and when taking off

    could it be that its the Piston rings? if so how much work is involved?
  12. Smoke at idle and when taking off

    replaced the turbo about two months ago.
  13. Hi Guys, Lately been having issues with "blue/white" smoke from my exhaust when car is at idle and take off after the car has warmed up. The car will start smoking when sitting at the lights or city driving moving at low speeds. Once i rev out the engine or start moving along the smoke will go away until I stop again. Already had a few possible reasons but wanted to get the opinion of people on here 1) Could be valve stem seals going 2) VCT gear locking up causing oil to burn? (not sure about that one) Any help would be great. Cheers
  14. EPA noise test

    I gotta get a noise test done also...apparently this is the reason for it http://www.themotorreport.com.au/50241/vic-operation-pipedown-nabs-more-than-1000 Can't believe that the police would waste their time on this. I would of thought the violence in the city was more of an issue than a modified car that makes some noise in between buildings.