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  1. Ignition missfire

    Mate I just had the exact same problem with my S14a, it first developed a miss at 4500-5000 Rpm and then eventually it wouldn't rev past 3000Rpm. My ECU flashed up fault code 43 which is a fault in the TPS circuit. So I replaced the TPS and it ran better, but seemed to lack power then developed the miss again and it was still flashing up fault code 43. This morning I borrowed a Ignition module (Bosch DIS4-04) and put it in. I noticed as soon as I started it it idled better and now its making great power and no more misfire, fault code 43 also disapeared. I think this might be fairly common problem and noticed it gets very hot due to being mounted so close to the turbo. I'm thinking about relocating mine and putting a heat sheild around it as surly this heat affects the life of the module. I have replaced a module on a previous ride and it came with heat transfer paste, so I think the modules produce a fair bit of heat. I have also been told they can die prematurelly without the paste so I might get some to put under mine also.
  2. Wanted Please Help

    That's it the guide simply pivots on it. Car back together now with adjustable cam gears and no vct, it now longer sounds like a tractor :-)
  3. Wanted Please Help

    I checked at nuts and bolts before i posted as i was in there already for work. No hope. If you have seen this guide pivot you would understand. I highly doubt they would manafacture and stock a bolt which only fits one motor that I no of and they rarely break and i'm fairly certain it probably serves no other purpose. I checked bolts from ca20, fj20, l20b,vg30 and other bolts in my garage, no good. I would refer to it as a specialty bolt as it appears it was designed for simply one purpose, a bolt for a sr20 timing chain tensioner guide to pivot on. Spg saved the day they had a GENUINE one in stock in a full timing chain kit and parted it out for me, as the one nissan ordered from Japan for me is still 2 weeks away! Cheers
  4. Wanted Please Help

    Its kind of a specialty bolt mate. It takes a 6 mm allen key and its head is 19mm x 20mm to allow the tensioner guide to pivot on it. Cheers anyhow
  5. Wanted Please Help

    Does anyone have a timing chain tensioner guide bolt for an Sr20? It's the bolt that the banana guide pivots on to keep the timing chain tight. I rounded mine getting it undone and now I need it to get my car back on the road. I'm in Hobart Cheers