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  1. car wont idle

    havent replied in ages, but right now i need to stack up some cash, and im going to try change the regulator see if that fixes the problem, i also dont have a AFM, LOL im using a hks v-con pro ecu to be a substitute for my AFM
  2. OMG another rwc thread

    if you find a good one that doesnt bitch about everything please tell me, roady has been a nightmare for my autech
  3. car wont idle

    so i checked all the lines, and everything was intact, i dont know what the problem could be, its stressing me out, it might be the fuel pump, but im not 100% sure, im thinking about just finding a mechanic to solve the problem but im low on money so anyone with ideas please throw it at me... cheers
  4. car wont idle

    today i was driving my car to maccas, and i thought i would give it a bit, but when i reached the end of the road and i turned left, my car decided to turn off, now when i start the car it wont start, you have to press the acclerator down to start the car, when the car starts it doesnt idle... also when the car starts black smoke comes out of the exhaust and the engine is lumpy and sounds like a lawn mower.... any ideas ? car was running fine... its an autech s15
  5. legal autech ?

    WHISTLE ! LOL your the owner of smashbox sliders ! my mate was telling me that you rip up winton in your autech... didnt know it was you until i saw the ad on the classifieds.. know a guy called george ? has a 31 sticker on the back saying come at me bro... haha
  6. Handbrake clicks ?

    Lol, my handbrake stands up straight when I pull it up....
  7. Handbrake clicks ?

    Indeed I do have a beautiful mind, I need to organize my priorities right.... Skipped 2 weeks of school for my car... So I'd like to think my mind is beautiful
  8. Handbrake clicks ?

    Im bored in class and was day dreaming about my car and how my handbrake has 19 clicks... How about you guys ? How many clicks do you have ?
  9. Car Finance - what to look out for?

    what locky said, and im pretty sure there is no such thing as a auto autech... i got a autech s15....
  10. Ways to get Pregnant?

    that has to be a joke right ? pregnant from swimming ? wtf...
  11. Another sweet gumtree r33

    ^ hahhaha do it
  12. mates supra

    no light comes up, and its all the time, he got it from essedon and bought it back to dandy so it was like a 1-2 hour drive and the car was fine, but after turned the car off for about an hour then when he drove it again it started backfiring for no reason and if you flat foot it it doesnt even accelerate
  13. mates supra

    its a 94 JZA supra engine
  14. mates supra

    to be honest, it has no mods expect a really badly installed pod, the pod is just hanging on the side of the engine with no piping... also all i know about the engine is its non turbo..... sorry guys dont know much about supras is there different types of non turbo supras or ? i feel bad for the kid, the car was fine until he got home and now the car is driving like a slug
  15. mates supra

    hey guys, my friend bought a supra today and it was working fine on the drive back to my mates house, but after the car was sitting there for about an hour, there was something wrong with the engine.. either the engine or the clutch or gear... the problem is pretty much the car backfires before it even reaches the redline of the car so it pretty much backfires around 3-5k rpms, not only that but when you flat foot it it doesnt accelerate at all.. any ideas ?