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  1. Sidd Rishi Photography

    Great sets... i like the Pocahontis set... girl with the feathers...
  2. you've got an mx5 with 80kw. try being in a faster car with better tyres, I know how hard those other guys jump on the anchors to get the low minute times. yep... i was doing 1.12's in a car with 80rwkw... that means i was braking later and harder than every body else who could go faster in the straights.. fast isnt just in a straight line... M is there a polite way to say "pull your head out of your ass?" Yawn...
  3. Michael Coppola www.facebook.com/PhotoMCP Portfolio...

    now 90 days into my 365 challenge and its getting much more fun every day... pretty much go every where with a 135mm lens now... Here are some of the Car themed ones... most of the stuff wa staken whilst driving too.... GTRS, 2002, MX-5 in hubcap... the rest are on my Pbase and facbook and flickr sites... Enjoy.. M
  4. Kyle Skuse

    Here is an image that i took at a beach shoot, we were waiting for the waves to crash behind her, while she sat on the rock, i was on the rocks with her, with a wide lens (10-22) i had the flash on as well, and i was in manual, as i wanted the flash to light her up and i was exposing for the back ground... however as we were shooting the sun come out from behind a cloud, the manual setting was too bright and well the result was the shot was blown out in the back ground... as you can see i managed to get the clouds back... albiet looking very moody.. and yes i have used the liquify tool to make her legs look smaller..
  5. Kyle Skuse

    RAW vs JPG... the battles will begin... heres a quick summary as to why and why not... RAW will fill a card quicker than you can empty it, so if your machinegunning shots.. then you will need LOTS of memory... and when you are done taking them, you can spend as much time preparing them as you did shooting them... Thats pretty much the only downside... Why?? A raw is that, its an unprocessed file that the camera captures, it contains all the data that the CMOS sensor collected before the processor made a decsiion about white balance, contrast, colours and much much more... so its like a negative, or slide film... but better. The advantage of a raw is this, say you took the photo as a jpg and when you got home realised that the white balance was off... you can in photoshop fix that with a filter.. but you would be removing details and clairty in your image while you do it... Pull out the raw file, open it in an editor and any changes you make before you save it are undo able.. and will not effect the quality of the end result in any way. if you dont like the manipultaion you have made change it... or start from scratch! The pitfalls of this is you coudl spend hours editing one shot... I use Photoshop CS6 (the real paid for version) and the raw editor in that is fantastic, allows sooo much scope for "fixing" a picture.... but wait theres more... if you took a shot and you fluffed the exposure, (and i mean by 1 - 2 stops) in either direction... you can bring the file back and keep it instead of throwing it away... ill post an example... so yes, RAW has its advantages... but it will keep you in front of a computer for longer... so heres what i do.. i shoot RAW and JPG, yes the file sizes are larger that way... but lets face it the jpg is 1/4 of the raw so it wont slow the camera down too much... if i get it right i dont do any processing, if i get it wrong i can play with the raw... its kinda like a saftey net...
  6. you've got an mx5 with 80kw. try being in a faster car with better tyres, I know how hard those other guys jump on the anchors to get the low minute times. yep... i was doing 1.12's in a car with 80rwkw... that means i was braking later and harder than every body else who could go faster in the straights.. fast isnt just in a straight line... M
  7. Norwell, Is not a high braking circuit, even looking at Callums on board he was maxing at 150 - 160 on the main straight, the curves after that are small dabs to settle car more than to really slow the car down, and the next big brake is into the hairpin going back ontot the main straight... i run red stuff and green stuff and they would have been untaxed over the day simple solution to brake fade is to use the brakes less... M
  8. might come out for the breakfast and a few piccies... ill have been away the week before for work so it might or might not be a goer... put me down as a maybe... M
  9. Loz, the way a sprint should be run is like this, Practice session, every body gets timed, the groups are done by their time, the cars are then let out with the same spacing, fastest car out first... 6 - 7 cars could be out in the same group, each car would never catch the one in front and vice versa... its a little harder as the groups are changed after each session, so that faster cars move forward, it makes the guys who want to go fast go fast... and the slower ones go slower.. also is safer and has a bit of fun as you would see the fast guys and see whos slower... its how the Sprints are run at the MSCA at Mallala and in most other states i have been to... so there would be a list that shows what group your in after each session. id be happy to write a spreadsheet that could do this for you... would require a few people dedicated to timing... or maybe some timing gear for the cars... wouldnt be too hard to organise... i was happy to do a 1.12 with 80 rwkw WOOOOT M
  10. when will the results go up?? i know i did a 1.12 .5 back to back the good thing about running road tyres... they tend to go off by the 4th lap!! as do the brakes... the green stuff and red stuff pads worked a treat!! no fade what so ever... M
  11. i could get close to Callums time.. (if he turns the turbo off...) will be afun event either way... looking forward to having the 5 out again for some fun... M
  12. Michael Coppola www.facebook.com/PhotoMCP Portfolio...

    Hey all been busy with a 365 challenge, they are all taken with my 135mm F2 lens and all at F2... just for a bit of complexity... have a look http://www.pbase.com/mcphotographics/135f2365 M
  13. Make : MAZDA MX-5 Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $12,500 Condition : Used Hello All, I am just seeing if there is any interest in this car... it has done the rounds, and has been drifted by the best of the best... including Leighton Fine (i have not washed the seat or steering wheel since he drove it... ) Steve Grant and Joel Fitzgerald.. it wont the championship in 2004 at the MSCA rounds with me driving, and has been a fantastic track / daily drive car... Has used many tyres and brakes in its 12 years with me (i am the 3rd and lucky owner) and now has 260k on the clock... The stickers were done by Luke (the sticker dude) and were added in 2006 for a comp, and stayed. The hard top shown is an original "eggshell top" which is poly carb, not fibreglass and is only 19kg and stiffens the car up!! It runs the 15 inch rims of the 2nd gen MX-5 (the only thing that car was good for) and they have NEVER been curbed... currently has some great Bridgestone rubber (195 50 15's) with half the life in them (Adrenelins) M
  14. Some of my stuff.

    hmmmm i miss Barbagallo... such a great track, with soooo many angles... shots are looking good... just need to work on placing the car in the frame a little better... but all round much much better!! M
  15. Kory Leung Photography

    That Tunnel shot is awesome!! M