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  1. Boston Audio

    cost price.. god damn.. Demo some gear.. if ur in Sydney.. go to Lifestyle.. they have Boston gear on the demo boards.. so have a listen and just pretty much waste there time.. then if u like.. call up ur mat and ur set.. but to be honest.. there top notch speakers..

    love it bro.. my mate has this style rims on a Commodore.. and i must say.. they suit ur lude alot better.. brilliant rims tho..
  3. 1/4 Mile Times

    yer.. 12.8 is believale from a LS1 with a tune, cai, and exhaust.. bob.. can i see sum vids ?.. if u use msn.. pm me.. ill add ya..
  4. New paint jobs

    matt black.. bahahahaha.. that looks SHITHOUSE on cars bro.. u seen the 180 that some guy on this website had ?.. the guy with the HKS logo sprayed on hes cooler aswell.. have a look at that and u will know why Matt black isnt MEANT for cars and why nobody has it...
  5. i would most DEFINANTLY go 2nd hand on the HU.. and spend no more than 250-300 tops.. 400 is over doing it.. and for a 1000 buck system the speakers r whats ultimately gonna be the most important thing.. amps too me become more important than speakers as the budget gets higher.. and to the nob who said about only spending 100 bucks on a HU.. i infact said 900 bucks worth of speakers and amp and 100 buck HU would sound better than 400 bucks of HU and 600 bucks of speaker and amp.. all the HU will offer is upgradeablity in the future.. and if infact he has asked for a System to build on.. by all means by a 500 RRP headunit... anywayz.. isnt this thread already over ??.. better end the rant now.. cheers
  6. Got my deck, now what to do...

    bkn.. i think he needs to to gain more knowledge in the area before he plays around with things he paid good money for.. he can.. but in due time.. ive stuffed more than 1 thing i payed good money for.. not really wanting to do it anymore.. so before u do ANYTHING.. have a read of as much technical info as u can.. and get hold of a Gregories or something with wiring diagrams etc.. cheers..
  7. Got my deck, now what to do...

    i say take it to a pro.. or get some more Self-knowledge before u attempt it mate..
  8. in Reality pal.. 100 buck Supercheap auto HU and 900 bucks worth of amp and speakers would sound worlds ahead of a 400 buck HU and 500 bucks of speaker and amp... and if he wants to have no sub.. then he dont NEED more than 1 pre-out now does he.. amping the rears is a lost cause in my case.. cheerio.. and naa u may thing im coming across agressive.. but just stating what i think best suits him..
  9. when u have a budget of 1000 bucks.. last thing u wanna do is spend 400 on a HU and 200 on ur speakers.. coz Ultimately the speakers r whats gonna be the most determining factor in a budget system..
  10. no.. but u did tell him to Budget for 400 bucks.. and i wouldnt be spending 400 bucks on a Hu that didnt have 3 preouts now would i ??
  11. errr.. u suggested he spends 400 on a headunit.. not a 2nd hand 400 buck Headunit.. even a brand new 250 buck headunit i would reccomend over a 400 buck brand new HU when on a tight budget like that.. just when ur on a low budget and u dont want a sub, u dont need anything more than 1 pre-out and basic tuning features.. ur amp and speakers will be there the moneys spent.. not wasting it on features u will never use with a $1k system..
  12. 6*9s or 7*10s?

    if ur going for an AV system.. LAST thing u want is the REARS playing the majoriy of sounds and playing there sounds heavier and louder.. when u go to the cinemas how many Speakers r infront of u.. and how many r behind u.. think about it Logically..
  13. 6*9s or 7*10s?

    honestly.. do u want the Music to sound good to you.. or do u wanna impress ur mates standing outside the car.. if ur more worried about the sound YOUR listening too.. run any Rear speakers if there is any off the Headunit .. if u wanna impress the people walking past.. sure go for 7x10's and 6x9's and what not.. just depends on ur preference i guess
  14. err.. i must say i Disagree with a few things here.. unless ur wanting to build onto something here.. i wouldnt be spending 400-500 on the Headunit alone.. u only need something with 1 pre-out and the BASIC tuning features.. with a set budget of $1000 id go.. 2nd hand HU.. Around 200-250 bucks.. New Speakers around 300 bucks.. eg.. Boston FS60, Morel Pulse 6, PG ZR6.5's... 300 on amp.. eg. Audison SRx2, PG R2.5 and if ur DIY.. spend the rest on the Cabling and materials.. just make sure u do a good job of Mounting the Speakers upfront.. coz if a bodgey install is done.. u may aswell have just got 70 buck Jaycar speakers.. coz the Install is often an overlooked thing in Car Audio.. anywayz.. Cheers..
  15. just bought an 89 300zx tt manual

    WTF.. man all i can do is seriously laugh.. i have sympathy for u.. but thats funny as hell.. HAHAHAHAHA