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  1. Project KLASSIKER // e24 635csi

    - what it looks like briefly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbGzOtLBWnM
  2. Project KLASSIKER // e24 635csi

    Plans: BBS, Bags. This will be minty fresh & clean.
  3. Project KLASSIKER // e24 635csi

    Thanks for the help mate Keep an eye on this build thread If you don't like it, don't read about it.
  4. PROJECT KLASSIKER (STANCED BEAMA) // So, why project Klassiker you ask? Being a EURO car we gave it that name for a reason, to translate that for you it means ""Classy"or In other words "Creation that serves as an example to be followed" Hey guys, so my friend(Alex) and I went down to Brisbane today to have a look at this clean as (BMW e24 635csi) Body was immaculate and no leaks from the engine or nothing. We will be picking the car up at the end of a week once its Registered and got a Roady We don't know much about BMW's, but I have sourced a little info off the net. If you know much about this particular model please help us out asap so we can suss it out before final purchase! Plans: - Drop N Drag - Air Ride/Bags If you haven't seen Alex's last project it was His Subaru Impreza, found here: http://a1.sphotos.ak...718119869_n.jpg You may of see it at a few of the Rocklea Downshift meets, unfortunatley he got a defect and has now parted it out and also made it into the news paper too! haha Anywho here are some photos below of the new project, taken from my phone excuse quality! (teaser)
  5. Nope, maybe a s14. Sold my car on the day of the huge Downshift meet last weekend too
  6. Yo Guys, Thought about making a thread of just JDM Cars that get wrote off etc. Just JDM Please and to remind you to be safe on the road I'll Start of With this Toyota Chaser JZX90 with Skyline wheels I believe? Quote from Claytons Towing - "Results of a accident that occurred in Cooroy last night. Driver only bought the car a few hours before the accident occurred. He was trapped in upside down car till Firies could cut him out. Out of hospital today with hardly any injuries. How lucky is he????"
  7. Sooo stoked, got me some Front and Rear Widebody fenders, wont be using the rears though!
  8. Hi, new with a 180SX

    This looks sick! Welcome to the Forums!
  9. Yeah need cash, but if i dont sell it Im still saving for a conversion and coilovers
  10. where did you get the front fenders from?
  11. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tein-Super-compact-MAZDA-2-DEIMO-DE3-5FS-/150658446603?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2313f1750b
  12. Hey Guys & Girls, made this thread to see what's out there. I'm selling my Silvia and now Driving a Mazda 2 as my daily. I'd like to see upgrades you guys know of etc. Ive been researching Coilovers etc. Below is a Dope Mazda 2 I like. Form > Function (Now I need a I Love Haters sticker) haha..
  13. Upgrades, - Chalk bonnet - - Pedo bear sticker :3 - Come at me haters.